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Drawn to the symbols of the Ancient Mystery Schools? Wish to continue our work with the tarot as we did at the retreats and inten­sives?

This advanced class is for those Karl Wolfe Alumni who wish to widen their expe­ri­ence and connec­tion with the symbol­ism and energy of the tarot cards. We will be explor­ing the symbol­ism and work­ing with going into the field to feel the arche­types and mytho­log­i­cal struc­tures at a deeper level. I have advanced the tarot diag­nos­tics with new ways of compar­ing cards using imag­ing tech­nol­ogy, build­ing upon Karl’s approach to tarot.

  • This is an online class via Zoom.
  • We will be meet­ing at 5pm EST on Sunday EST for 3 hours.
  • It is partic­i­pant only.
  • A replay will be provided.

We will be using both the Rider‐Waite and Thoth decks depend­ing on what comes up for the group. Your own deck is not required as we will be display­ing them on the screen, however, you are welcome to have them.

Note: only student’s of Dr. Karl Wolfe are eligi­ble to attend at this time.


This online class is hosted by Drew Gerald. Drew was work­ing and facil­i­tat­ing along­side Dr. Wolfe for 3 years before his pass­ing, which included skat­ing and slack­line diag­nos­tics, retreats, and inten­sives. He has been coach­ing, facil­i­tat­ing, and publish­ing his own trans­for­ma­tional work for over a decade.

This is an approved, inde­pen­dent, community‐led event for the poster­ity of Dr. Karl Wolfe’s work (Karl Wolfe International nor the Karl Wolfe Foundation do not directly put on work­shops).

Proceeds go to support more events like this in the future and the Karl Wolfe Foundation to preserve Dr. Wolfe’s legacy.



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Tarot Legacy (May 2019)$250.00 $150.00Online Zoom event, one ticket per person.