What is alchemy, and is it anything besides pseu­do­science, occult gibber­ish, and a myth­i­cal search for the Philosopher’s Stone?

In ancient times, alchemy was the inter­sec­tion of science and spir­i­tu­al­ity, of physics and chem­istry, of astrol­ogy and earth sciences, of art and meta­physics. It was the high­est pursuit of man, both in phys­i­cal and meta­phys­i­cal trans­mu­ta­tion, attacked by the church and hidden through symbol­ism.

It was a time before matter and spirit were held in oppo­si­tion and out of rela­tion­ship with each other. A time when the sciences and art followed the same spir­i­tual curricu­lum.

The ratio­nal, athe­is­tic world sees alchemy as a fool­ish and super­sti­tious pursuit of turn­ing ‘lead into gold’, that was merely a precur­sor to modern chem­istry. It is largely ignored and seen as archaic in modern times.

A few more open-minded thought lead­ers, often in the realms of psychol­ogy, see alchemy more metaphor­i­cal and symbolic than literal. One of these was Carl G. Jung, who was a promi­nent figure in corre­lat­ing the paral­lels between psychother­apy and alchemy. Alchemy, he postu­lates, is akin to ‘Western Yoga’; emerg­ing as another path for one’s own inner jour­ney of trans­for­ma­tion.

While we explore ancient art, symbol­ism, and mytho­log­i­cal arche­types in my “Holographic Alchemy” program—and there’s profound esoteric wisdom to receive through ancient alchem­i­cal works—the essence of alchemy is this:

Alchemy is the process of acknowl­edg­ing and getting into rela­tion­ship with one’s shadow aspects and trans­mut­ing them into light. It’s turn­ing the worst parts of ourselves into our great­est gifts. It’s “creat­ing” love where there once was none.

In its most sublime mani­fes­ta­tion, this process is as mysti­cal as it is psycho­log­i­cal; it is as phys­i­cal as it is ther­a­peu­tic. It is not simply a metaphor­i­cal aid, but a genuinely mysti­cal process inform­ing us of the nature of ourselves, human­ity, and the cosmos.

We in the West like to strip the mystery, the magic, the spirit from all things and break it down into logi­cal parts… yet this left-brain, egoic approach has major limi­ta­tions, and has no access or perceptive-facilities for these non-rational states.

The work in Holographic Alchemy is to not simply teach you a generic, mental process to over­come your fears, limi­ta­tions, and trau­mas (even though these results occur in profound ways). What makes this work so special is that it’s about facil­i­tat­ing a direct expe­ri­ence of the divine, of your­self. To get you in touch with a real­ity beyond the veil; to help you feel and see beyond your every­day mind.

This direct, symbolic expe­ri­ence of discov­er­ing who you really are, is the fire of trans­mu­ta­tion that alchemist of ye olde times pointed to. Through occult symbol­ogy, they kept these secrets hidden from all but those who were ready to do the Great Work: to heal them­selves, discover the truth, and be of service to the world by stew­ard­ing these ener­gies in all their vari­ous forms.

But as my mentor said many times—“you just can’t get it from a book”.

It’s why so many of these teach­ings were enshrouded by oral tradi­tions and secret soci­eties. This isn’t some­thing you can just read about and “get”—it’s some­thing you have to do and expe­ri­ence in the flesh live.

Luckily, tech­nol­ogy has made this work avail­able to more people than ever before with­out the chal­lenges of travel, liter­acy, and pros­e­cu­tion.

Combining tech­nol­ogy only avail­able to human­ity over the past few decades, and these alchem­i­cal teach­ings of the mystery schools, we are able to accel­er­ate this process in ways never before possi­ble. It’s like a decade of spir­i­tual awak­en­ing in just a few months.

We are blessed to have this avail­able to us, and if you’re inter­ested in this work please let me know, as this level of work is not avail­able to the general public or avail­able anywhere else.

I have put together a short train­ing that can help you break through, and see if we’re a good fit to work together. You’ll discover why most people who do personal devel­op­ment and conscious­ness work stay stuck, and the key that makes those thriv­ing in all areas of life take off.

You’ll also see why my approach of somatic awak­en­ing is completely differ­ent than anything else out there, and how work­ing with these ener­getic arche­types in the body helps people get a decade’s worth of trans­for­ma­tion in 6 months.

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